Sunday Worship Service: 10 am

Wednesday Bible Study: 7 pm

Old Mountain Top Baptist Church History

The Old Mountain Top Baptist Church was organized in the year 1856, under a brush arbor on the northwest side of Cedar Mountain.  Under the leadership of Reverend Sinkfield, the church was named “The Mountain Top Church”.  Later the church moved into a log cabin structure at a site near the present-day cemetery site.  Marching in twos, the members would leave the brush arbor singing hymns and praising God.  The log cabin church was destroyed by fire, and another church was built on the same site.

In the year of our Lord 1905, members of the Mountain Top Baptist Church formulated plans for a new church building.  According to the Committee Meeting Minutes dated August 26, 1906, the site of the new church was chosen by M.H. Hawkins, C.H. Hinton. R.B. Baker, T.M. Holloman, G.W. Hawkins, J.S. Staples, W.A. McClary, Nathan Laster and H.K. Poole.  Mr. G.W. Dorsey served as Committee Chairman and Mr. J.L. Sparks as Secretary.

Construction on the new church resulted in some members deciding to remain at the original church resulting in a division among the members.  Even though there was a division among the members, they observed the old ordinance and recognized that Christ is the head of the Church.

The new church building also served as the first school for Black children with Ms. Cora Hindsman as the first teacher.  As the years went by, the church was rebuilt as a wooden structure across the road.  The new church facing the road was renamed Old Mountain Top Baptist Church.  Currently, this is now the site of the cemetery.

From its inception, Old Mountain Top Baptist Church has had some outstanding leaders.  The following are known to have been Pastors at the church, but the time frame in which they pastored is not known:

                                 Rev. Sinkfield                Rev. Strickland               Rev. Monroe Hudson          Rev. Greer
                                 Rev. M. McGuire           Rev. L.T. Jones               Rev. J.H. Ponder                  Rev. Comer Harris
                                 Rev. King Johnson         Rev. White                      Rev. A.W. Whaley               Rev. H.D. Thomas

The list of outstanding leaders continues with this list of those who pastored the church and the years in which they served the membership.

                                                                                 Rev. E.A. Edwards – 1932-1934
                                                                                 Rev. H. Stones – 1934-1938
                                                                                 Rev. T.N. Nelson – 1938-1940
                                                                                 Rev. F. Jones – 1940-1942
                                                                                 Rev. Wiggins – 1942-1943

Rev. W.E. Roberts was called as Pastor of Old Mountain Top Baptist Church in the year 1943.  Under his leadership, the church was rebuilt as a block structure with the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The years 1976-1977 saw the continued progress of the church under the guidance of Rev. J.R. Williams.  Under his tutelage new members united with the church family and a baptistery was installed.  Central heating and air conditioning was installed by the Atlanta Textile Company in loving memory of Brother Alfred Henry.

Rev. John Ward served as Pastor in the years 1978-1981.  Under his leadership we witnessed the formation of the J. Ward Gospel Chorus.  The name later changed to the Young Adult Choir which eventually combined with the Senior Choir to form the Mass Choir.  Under Rev. Ward new members united with the church, a new organ was purchased the Pastor’s Study was refurnished, dressing rooms were completed, new kitchen cabinets were installed and construction was begun on the new church addition.

From 1982-1996, Rev. Norris Wellborn served as Pastor.  During this period, we witnessed the following: The formation of the Brotherhood Ministry for young men, the establishment of the Nurses’ Guild, the Mother’s Board and the Youth Usher Board.  Four Deacons were ordained in 1990 and many convers were received as new members.  Under Rev. Wellborn, Rev. Terry McCoy, Rev. Chette Williams, Rev. Curtis Watkins and Rev. Valarie Lowery accepted their calling into the ministry.

While working hard in the Lord’s vineyard, it was our hope and prayer that one day we would be blessed with a new sanctuary where we could praise the Lord.  In 1992, Old Mountain Top Baptist Church held a Ground Breaking Ceremony Service to celebrate the coming construction of a new sanctuary in which to praise the Lord.  That Ground Breaking Ceremony Service celebrated the entrance into the new sanctuary.

In February 1996, Rev. Grady Wicker, Jr. was called as Pastor.  During his nine months as Pastor, from June 1996 through February, the Men of Old Mountain Top (M.O.T.) and Women of Old Mountain Top (W.O.T.) were organized.

From May 1997 to April 2002, Rev. James E. Chandler served as Pastor.  The church was blessed with over 500 new members and the following ministries were added:

                                                                                   The Christian Education Ministry
                                                                                                  Courtesy Guild
                                                                                                  Music Ministry
                                                                                       Young David’s Step Ministry
                                                                                                  Media Ministry
                                                                                   Golden Cherubs Praise Dancers
                                                                                          Praise Team Ministries
                                                                                  The Marvelous Light TV Ministry
                                                                              Soaring to Success Tutoring Program
                                                                                                 W.I.S.E. Ministry
                                                                                               Children’s Church

Under the leadership of Rev. Chandler, three members were called into the Ministry: Rev. Melva Henderson, Rev. Cloretta Chandler and Rev. Bernard Haynes.  Five Deacons were ordained: Dea. Michael Clayborn, Dea. Mitchell Hales, Dea. Bernard Haynes, Dea. Terry Hill and Dea. Lavista Stephens.

In 2003, Rev. Antonio Wright was called to Pastor and served from March 2003 through August 2004.

In June 2005, Rev. Darryl A. Momon was called to Pastor.  Since being installed as Pastor, many new and former members have united with the Old Mountain Top family.  Some of the highlights under the leadership of Pastor Momon include:

                                                                                     Leadership Appointments

                                                                      Pastor Emeritus – Rev. James R. Williams
                                                                    Assistant to the Pastor – Rev. Curtis Watkins
                                                                                  Youth Pastor – Sis. Seriki Riley

                                                                        Instituted Ministries/Programs/Centers

                                                                               Reconstructed the Youth Ministry
                                                                                  Developed Children’s Church
                                                                               Reconstructed the Dance Ministry
                                                                    Created an Advanced Academy Center (AAC)
                                                    Created the Churches Networking to Build Communities (CNBC)
                                                  Developed and opened an After School Program through (AAC)
                                                       Re-opened the Food Bank to the community through (AAC)
                                                           Sponsored a Coat Drive in the community through (AAC)
                                            Sponsored “College Nation” for high school students entering college
                                              Established the Women’s Ministry Prayer hour on Saturdays at 9:00 am
                          Established a mentoring program for teenage boys through Douglas County High School


                                                                                     Carpeted Sanctuary
                                                                                Installed security cameras
                                                                    Installed ceiling fans in Fellowship Hall
                                                                         Added a new roof on the church
                                               Cleared graveyard property for additional burial spaces
                                           Added an additional video camera for recording worship services
                                                              Purchased an eighteen passenger church bus

As we, the Old Mountain Top Baptist Church moves forward in ministry, we continue to count our many blessings given by our Lord and Almighty God.